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also 和 as well 这两个词都用来表示“也”,但它们在句中的位置和用法上有所不同。


also 通常用于正式语境,它可以放在句子的中间,通常放在主动词之前或助动词和 be 动词之后。 also 也可以放在句首。 also 用来添加信息,表示额外的事物或想法与先前提到的内容相关。

She plays the violin and also teaches music at a school. 她拉小提琴,也在学校教音乐。
I have also visited London on my last trip to Europe. 在我上次去欧洲的旅程中,我也访问了伦敦。
You can go swimming here. Also, you can have a barbeque. 你可以在这游泳,也可以去吃烧烤。

As Well

as well 通常用于较为非正式的语境,它一般放在句末,用来添加额外的信息或意见。 as well 比 also 更口语化,通常用于日常对话中。

I’m going to the party tonight. You should come as well. 我今晚要去参加派对。你也应该来。
We bought some apples, and we got some oranges as well. 我们买了一些苹果,也买了一些橙子。

also 和 as well – 练习题

1. I play the piano, and I play the violin.

2. She's a talented artist; she paints .

3. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, and he likes camping .




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