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在英文交流中,当回答别人提供东西时,我们使用 “Yes, please” 呢,还是 “Yes, thanks” 呢?

Yes, please.

当有人问你是否要某样东西时,通常使用 “Yes, please.” 来回答,而不是 “Yes, thanks.”。 比如:

“Would you like some cake?” “Yes, please.” “你想来一块蛋糕吗?” “是的,请给我。”
“Can I get you another blanket? ” “Yes, please.” “我可以再给你一条毯子吗?” “是的,请给我。”

当你需要拒绝别人提供的东西时,可以使用 “No, thanks” 。 这是一种既礼貌又直接的方式。

“Would you like more coffee?” “No, thanks.” “你还要更多咖啡吗?” “不,谢谢。”

Yes, thanks.

“Yes, thanks” 通常用于回答确认性问题,或当你想要表达感谢时。 比如:

“Did you get my email?” “Yes, thanks.” “你收到我的邮件了吗?” “是的,谢谢。”
“Have you had enough to eat ?” “Yes, thanks.””你吃饱了吗?” “是的,谢谢。”

Yes, please 和 Yes, thanks – 练习题

1. "Do you want an extra blanket?" "."

2. "Have you finished your homework?" "."

3. "Would you like me to help you with that?" "."

4. "Did you see the message I sent you?" "."

5. "Can I offer you some tea?" "."

6. "Do you understand the instructions given?" "."




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