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another vs other 做限定词使用

another 和 other 可以当作限定词使用,即放在名词之前。

another 要加单数名词。

He needs another cup of tea. 他需要再一杯茶。

other 要加复数名词

I want to talk to other classmates. 我想与其他同学说话。


I need other documents. 我需要其他文件。  (不能说 others documents)

another vs others 做代名词使用

another 可以当作代名词使用,即后面不用加上名词。

I’ve already had one cup of tea, but I’ll have another. 我已经喝了一杯茶,但我要再喝一杯。

others 只有代名词的形式,即后面不能加上名词。

I don’t want to wear these clothes. Aren’t there any others (=other clothes)? 我不想穿这些衣服,有别件吗?

other vs others

other 通常会加上复数名词。

My girlfriend wants to go to other restaurants. 我女朋友想要去其他间餐厅。  

others 是代名词,即后面不需加上名词。

Many people are here to help, but we need to find others. 很多人都来帮忙,但是我们需要找更多人。

the other VS the others

1. the other +名词的用法

the other 加单数名词,表示 “这两件事或两个人的第二个,或是这两组的另一个”。

This box is red. The other box is blue. 这个箱子是红色的,另一个箱子是蓝色的。 (除了说 the other box,也可以说 the other one。)

the other 加复数名词,代表一群或一组中剩下来的人或事物。

The sofa and the TV are here, but what about the other furniture? 沙发和电视都到了,但其他的家具呢?

2. the other 或 the others 不加名词的用法

the other 可以做为代名词使用(后面不用加上名词).

 the box is red. The other is blue. 这个箱子是红色的,另一个是蓝色的。

the others也可以做为代名词使用(后面不用加上名词)

The sofa and the TV are here, but what about the others? 沙发和电视都到了,但其他的呢?

another, other, others, the other, the others – 练习题

1. I have been watching dramas from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many Asian countries.

2. Can you give me cup of juice?

3. Where is shoe? There is only this one on the shoe rack.

4. I think you should see people.

5. My parents visited my homeroom teacher yesterday, but they haven't talked to teachers yet.

6. She gave birth to twin babies. One is a beautiful girl and is a handsome boy.

7. You can show her room if she don't like the previous one.

8. We have options. No need to worry about it now.

9. Only the four of us will go on the trip, the don't.

10. Some people voted 'yes', some people voted 'no', and didn't vote.




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