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很多学生问,country, countryside 和 village 都有表示“乡村”,有什么差别呢?


country 有“国家”的意思,但作为“乡村”的意思时,和countryside 一样,都可以指的是城市之外的乡村或农村地区,通常包括田野、森林、山丘和其他自然景观。它强调的是非城市化的自然环境,常用于描述与自然亲近和田园生活的样貌。

We spent the weekend in the countryside, enjoying the peace and quiet. 我们在乡村度过了周末,享受着宁静与和平。
The countryside is beautiful in the spring when all the flowers bloom. 春天,当所有的花朵绽放时,乡村非常美丽。


village 指的是一个较小的居住区域,是村,村庄,是人们住的地方。

He grew up in a small village in the mountains. 他在山中的一个小村庄长大。
The village is known for its annual festival. 这个村庄以其年度节日而闻名。

countryside 和 village – 练习题

1. This is known for its historic architecture and friendly locals.

2. Many people prefer the quiet life of the over the noisy city.

3. She takes long walks in the to enjoy the natural beauty.

4. The nearest school is in the , about ten miles away.

5. He moved to the to start a farm and grow his own food.

6. The small church has been there for over five hundred years.

7. Artists often visit this for inspiration from the serene landscape.




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