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get married to someone和某人结婚
belong to someone属于某人
listen to someone听某人说
look forward to something期待某事
say something to someone对某人说些什么
talk to someone与某人交谈
write to someone写给某人
ask for something要求东西
apply for something申请东西
look for something寻找东西
pay for something为某事付钱
wait for something等待某事
arrive at a place or event到达一个地方或活动
look at something or someone看某事或某人
laugh at something or someone对某事或某人笑
shout at something or someone对某事或某人大喊大叫
smile at something or someone对某事或某人微笑
arrive in a town, city, country, etc到达城镇、城市、国家等
believe in something相信某事
invest in something投资某事
succeed in something or in doing something在某事或做某事上取得成功
depend on something依赖某事
insist on something坚持某事
spend money on something花钱买东西
remind of someone or something想起某人或某事
think of something or doing something想某事或做某事
argue with someone与某人争论
agree with someone同意某人
compare something with something else将某事与其他事进行比较
spend time with someone与某人共度时光
stay with someone和某人待在一起
argue about something争论某事
complain about something抱怨某事
dream about something梦见某事
talk about something谈论某事
think about someone or something想某人或某事

从属介词 – 练习题

1. I heard my sister shouting my brother.

2. This bag belongs my best friend.

3. She never complained her grade.

4. He spent all of his time unimportant things.

5. My friend got married my brother.

6. When we arrived New York, it was snowing.

7. I waited an answer from my classmates.

8. She's looking forward meeting her favorite band.

9. We arrived the party too early.

10. They are thinking playing mobile games later.




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