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have something done


当我们想说是某人为我们做某件事情时,我们使用 have + someting + 过去分词,通常是因为我们付钱给他们(某人),或者因为我们说服或要求他们这样做。例句比较:

We clean the house every Friday. (=我们自己清洗)
We have the house cleaned every Friday. (=其他人为我们清理它)

在此结构中,动词 have 不是助动词。在没有助动词的情况下,我们需要对否定句和疑问句使用 did do 。

We don’t usually have the house painted, we do it ourselves. 我们通常不让人粉刷房子,我们自己粉刷。 (不能说 We haven’t the house painted)
Did you have your house painted? It looks great. 你家刷漆了吗?看起来不错。 (不能说Had you your house painted)

have something done 可以被用在任何动词时态

I’m going to have my nails cut later. 我稍后要剪指甲。
He’s having his car repaired. 他正在让人修理他的车。
I’ve had the kitchen tools replaced. 我已经更换了厨房工具。


当不好的事情发生在我们身上时,我们也可以用 have something done 取其被动受害的意思来说明这个负面不好的经验

She had her house robbed in New York. 她在纽约的房子遭到抢劫。  (= her house was robbed)
They had their car crashed by a drunk driver. 他们的车被醉酒的司机撞坏了。

get something done

在非正式英语中,我们可以使用 get + something +过去分词,其含义与 have something done 相同

I need to get my eyes tested.  我需要检查一下我的眼睛。
They got their home rebuilt after the earthquake.  他们在地震后重建了家园。
She got her legs burned in the fire. 她的腿被火烧了。 (负面体验)

have someone do something

我们可以使用结构 have + someone + 不定式(动词原形),其含义与 have something done 相同,但在这种情况下,我们是指名提到了为我们做某事的人。

We are having the architect redesign the ground floor. 我们正在让建筑师重新设计底层。
Susanne had her brother prune all the trees. 苏珊娜让她哥哥修剪所有的树。

get someone to do something

我们也可以使用构造 get + someone + to + 不定式(动词原形)来谈论某人为我们做某事,因为我们付钱给他们,或者因为我们要求或说服他们这样做。但是,get someone to do通常意味着您已说服某人做某事。

I got a nanny to take care of the children at home. 我请了保姆在家照顾孩子。
Ellen’s teacher got her to attend an Essay contest in Japan. 艾伦的老师让她参加了在日本举行的作文比赛。

have/get something done 的用法 – 练习题

1. We had a carpenter our new house in Los Angeles.

2. The store should get before launching the newly renovated store.

3. Moving forward, I'm going to have every two weeks.

4. I should have with my nails. It's so dirty.

5. She said that she'd had with a titanium prosthesis.

6. They got an official investigator the crime scene.

7. You have to contact the store and ask them to get without a fee.

8. They while we were away for a party.

9. He should have before he left for a business trip.

10. They could anyone to fix the broken window.





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