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当我们想更礼貌时,我们通常使用间接问句。我们会用Can you tell me …? Could you tell me …? Do you know …? Would you mind telling me … ? 开头。

Where are we? (直接问句) 我们在哪?
Could you tell me where we are now? (间接问句) 你能告诉我我们现在在哪里吗?

间接问句的顺序是主语 + 动词。

Do you know where I can find the supermarket? (不能说 where can I find) 你知道我在哪里可以找到超市吗?
Would you mind telling me what time the shops close? (不能说 what time do the shops close) 你介意告诉我商店几点关门吗?


I don’t know where she’s going this late. 我不知道她这么晚了要去哪里。
I wonder when they will arrive at the airport. 我想知道他们什么时候到达机场。
I’m not sure when I can go shopping. 我不确定什么时候可以去购物。
I’d like to know how much you earn. 我想知道你赚了多少。

对于 yes-no 问句(没有疑问词时),我们可以使用 if 或 whether。

Do you know if/whether the supermarket will close? 你知道超市是否会关门吗?

英文中的间接问句 – 练习题

1. Did she tell you how often ?

2. I'd like to know  for the experiment.

3. Could you tell me why ?

4. Can I ask you how long   here?

5. Why  ?

6. I don't know the answer. How many times to tell you?

7. I don't know   so unhappy.

8. Do you have any idea when ?

9. How many people   for the party?

10. I wonder  .




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