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什么时候用 might 和 might not?

might (not) = 或许这是(不是)真的

might, might not 表达我们觉得某件事为真或不是为真,但是并不确定时。

She seems to be very angry. She might not talk to you today. 她似乎很生气。她今天可能不会和你说话。
‘Peter isn’t answering my call.’ ‘He might be in the kitchen.’ “彼得没有接我的电话。” “他可能在厨房里。”

 I might (not) = 我有可能会(不会)

当我们说 someone might do something 代表某人有可能会做某件事。

I might go for a walk after breakfast.早餐后我可能会去散步。 (表示我出去散步是有可能的。)
She might come and attend the wedding. 他她可能会来参加婚礼。

当我们说 someone might not do something 代表某人有可能不会做某件事。

I might not join the group presentation.   我可能不会加入小组演示。 (表示我不参加小组演示是有可能的。)
She might not go to school tomorrow morning. 她明天早上可能不去上学了。

may, may not 的用法

may = might

 可以用 may 和 may not 来代替 might 和 might not。

She may lose the game this coming season.她可能会在下个赛季输掉比赛。
He may not like your plan. 他可能不喜欢你的计划。

May I … ? 的用法

我们通常不会用 might 或 may 在疑问句中。但是当我们在获得允许时可以在疑问句中使用 may I。

May I take a rest? 我可以休息一下吗? (=Can I take a rest?)
May I have your name? 请问你叫什么名字?

might/might not – 练习题

用 might/might not 重写句子。如:Maybe I will come here. ⇒ I might come here.

1. Perhaps they won't say anything. ⇒ They anything.

2. Perhaps I will never see Peter again. ⇒ I Peter again.

3. It's possible that I will go to France next week. ⇒ I   to France next week.

4. Perhaps he isn't at the school. ⇒ He  at the school.

5. Maybe they won't like this plan. ⇒ They this plan.

6. It's possible that Tom will lend me the money. ⇒ Tom   the money.

7. It's possible that I will come this Sunday. ⇒ I   this Sunday.

8. Perhaps she doesn't know the truth ⇒ She the truth.

9. Maybe we will have to cancel the wedding. ⇒ We the wedding.

10. Perhaps they will call you for an interview. ⇒ They   you for an interview.




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