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unless (= if not)  除非

我们可以在条件句中使用 unless 来表示“除非/如果……(没有)”。

I won’t go on holiday unless I save some money. (= I won’t go on holiday if I don’t save some money.) 除非我存点钱,否则我不会去度假。

in case 以防万一

我们用 in case 来谈论我们为将来可能发生或可能需要的事情做准备的事情。

I’ll take my umbrella in case it rains. 我会带上雨伞以防下雨。

as long as / provided (that) / providing (that) / on condition (that) / only if 只要…的话

我们可以使用 as long as、provided/providing (that)、on condition (that)only if (而不是只用if)当我们要强调需要存在某条件以便某事可以发生或完成时。

You will get better from your illness as long as you regularly take your medicine. 只要你经常吃药,你的病就会好起来。
You will go to university provided (that) you get better grades. 只要你成绩好,你就可以上大学。
They will speak to the press on condition (that) they remain anonymous sources. 他们将向新闻界发表谈话,条件是他们保持匿名。
I will give you the house key, but only if you promise not to enter my room. 我会给你房子钥匙,但前提是你答应不进入我的房间。

whether or not 无论…

当我们面对两种状况时,我们使用 whether or not 来说这两种状况之中选择任何一种状况都会发生某些事情。范例比较:

I’ll help him if he needs me. 如果他需要我,我会帮助他。  (表示只有当需要我的时候)
I’ll help him whether or not he needs me. 无论他是否需要我,我都会帮助他。  (表示需要我还是不需要我时都会)

even if 即使…

我们也使用 even ifwhether or not 具有类似的含义。 even if 用于强调即使某件事就算发生了, 也不会改变现况 (也就是依然会发生)。

Even if you apologize, he’ll never forgive you. 即使你道歉,他也不会原谅你。  (表示道歉和不道歉都不会原谅)

suppose / supposing 假使…

我们通常在句子的开头使用 supposesupposing 来让某人想像一种情况。 它的意思是“what would happen if如果…会发生什么事?”,或者简单的表示如 “if”(想像某一个情境)。

Supposing I got a job, I wouldn’t be able to travel with you this weekend. 如果我有工作,这个周末我就不能和你一起旅行了。
Suppose she doesn’t believe you, what would you do then? 如果她不相信你,你会怎么做?

英文中条件句的更多表达 – 练习题

1. Don't call the police it's strictly necessary.

2. The interview with the ABC company is too hard. I wouldn't have passed I prepared so hard.

3. you could travel right now. Where will you go?

4. She will confess her crime she won't get harassed.

5. You should stop smoking you are only doing it for fun. Smoking is not good for the body.

6. We should take a jacket   it's cold when we arrive.

7. I don't mind how you spend the money   you stick to the budget.

8. Bees sting   they feel threatened.

9.   you say sorry a thousand times, you can't change what you've done.

10. You're free to do whatever you want   you respect the rules.




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