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no/any + 名词

我们在肯定句(没有not)中使用 no + 名词,在否定句(有not)和疑问句中使用 any + 名词Nonot a 或 not any

I have no colleagues. 我没有同事。
I don’t have any colleagues. 我没有同事。
Do you have any colleagues? 你有同事吗?

any  后不加名词

我们也可以使用 any 作为代名词,意即 any 后面不带名词。

‘Is there any milk left?’ ‘No, there isn’t any.’ “还有牛奶吗?” 不,没有了。  

肯定句中的 any


You can choose any date. 您可以选择任何日期。 (= one date; 无论哪个日期都可以)
Any student would know that today is the examination day. 任何学生都会知道今天是考试日。


我们使用 none 作为代名词,意即后面不带名词。我们用 none 来取代可数或不可数名词。

‘How many tickets did you get?’ ‘None.’ “你买了多少票?” 没有。 ”
I thought there was some coffee, but there’s none.’ 我以为有咖啡,但没有

我们也可以使用 none of the /my/Tom’s/etc. + 名词或 none of + us/you/them

None of my students is/are from Australia. 我的学生没有一个来自澳大利亚。
None of them is/are from Australia. 他们中没有一个来自澳大利亚。

注意:当 None of … 是句子的主语时,我们可以使用第三人称单数形式(更正式)或第三人称复数形式(更非正式)的动词。

nothing/anything, nobody/anybody, nowhere/anywhere

我们在肯定句中使用 nothing, nobody, nowhere ,在否定句和疑问句中使用 anything, anybody, anywhere 。 Nothing, nobody, nowhere = not anything, not anybody, not anywhere

There’s nothing that we can do. (=There isn’t anything that we can do.) 我们无能为力。
Have you seen Tom anywhere? 你在哪里见过汤姆吗?
We saw nobody. (=We didn’t see anybody) 我们没看见任何人。
Nothing happened.  什么都没发生。

肯定句中的 anything, anybody, anywhere 

我们可以在肯定句中使用 anything/anybody/anywhere 来表示“it don’t matter what/who/where”。用来说明任何一个选择都可以。

We can do anything. (=it doesn’t matter what.) 我们可以做任何事。
Anybody in the room could teach us. (=it doesn’t matter who.) 房间里的任何人都可以教我们。
We can go anywhere. (=it doesn’t matter where.) 我们可以去任何地方。

no, any, none 的用法 – 练习题

1. They couldn't find decent dress for the party.

2. Do you have extra cash?

3. There are answers about what happened to her.

4. A: How much did you pay for the bread? B: . It was given free to me.

5. You can use tools I have.

6.   of the films are available on streaming platforms.

7. We're worried. We've had   news from them since they left.

8. I didn't ask   questions.

9. A: How many chapters have you finished? B: . I've had no time.

10. Did you have   problems?




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