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did 或 didn’t 表达一般过去时中的否定、疑问,和简短答案。

  • 肯定句:I went.
  • 否定句:I didn’t go
  • 疑问句:Did you go?
  • 简短答案:Yes, I did / No, I didn’t.


疑问句的顺序为: 疑问词 + 助动词 (did) + 主语 + 动词不定式。

Where(疑问词) + did(助动词) + you(主语) + eat cake (不定式). 你们在哪吃的蛋糕。
When(疑问词) + did(助动词) + he(主语) + leave(不定式). 他什么时候离开的。

没有 to 的不定式

did 或didn’t 加上主要动词的不定式形式 (不需要加 to)。

I didn’t take a bath today. (不能说 I didn’t took a bath.)  我今天没有洗澡。
Did you see the shooting star last night? (不能说 Did you saw….) 昨晚你看到流星了吗?

在肯定的句子中不需要用 did

did 或 didn’t 可以用来表达一般过去时中的否定、疑问,和简短答案,但不能用于肯定的句子中。

She worked out in the gym last week. (不能说 She did work out ……)  上周她在健身房健身。
I made a mistake in class yesterday. (不能说 I did make a mistake……) 我昨天在课堂上犯了一个错误。

Did 或 was/were?

did 和 didn’t (非was/wasn’t 或 were/weren’t)作为一般过去时的否定和疑问句形式的助动词。

She didn’t answer the phone last night. (不能说 She wasn’t answer the phone last night) 昨晚她没有接电话。
Did you visit your parents today? (不能说 Were you visit your parents today.) 今天你去看你父母了吗?

若主要动词为 be,则不能在一般过去时的否定或疑问句形式使用 did 或 didn’t 。

They weren’t with him at the party. (不能说 They didn’t be with him at the party. ) 他们没有和他一起参加聚会。
Was it you in the class? (不能说 Did you be in the class.) 是你在课堂上吗?

一般过去时的否定和疑问 – 练习题

1. Where during the lunch break yesterday?

2. We on the schedule of the plane.

3. They answering the phone.

4. We early this morning.

5. the class performance?

6. I the whole show because it was boring.

7. Susan hired by ABC company.

8. He ready for the game

9. She what you were saying. Can you slow down in speaking?

10. at me?




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