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If I won the lottery, I would buy a yacht. 如果我中了彩票,我会买一艘游艇。
If I had a better salary, I could travel more. 如果我有更好的薪水,我可以旅行更多。
If I were you, I might wait before making a decision. 如果我是你,我可能在做决定前等待下。
If it weren’t for his help, I might be dead now. 如果不是他的帮助,我现在可能已经死了。


If 从句和主要从句

我们用 if + 过去式,来表示一种假想中的现在或未来的状况(虽然动词是过去式,但时间是表示现在或未来)。而我们用 would + 不定词来表示这个假想情况的结果。

If I had a swimming pool in my yard, I’d go every day. 如果我的院子里有一个游泳池,我会每天都去。
Would you call him if you got his phone number? 如果你知道他的电话号码,你会打电话给他吗?


当 if 从句在前面的时候,我们通常会在 if 从句后面加个逗号;当主要从句在前面、if 从句在后面的时候,我们通常不加逗号。

If you came to the party, you’d dance a lot.
You’d dance a lot if you came to the party.

句中 would 的用法

would/wouldn’t 在所有的人称中都是一样的用法。

I/you/he/she/it/we/they would/wouldn’t do that if it was possible. 

缩写的方式: wouldn’twould not,‘dwould

I’d never pass my test if you failed to bring my books. 如果你不带我的书,我永远不会通过我的考试。
I wouldn’t pass my test if you failed to bring my books. 如果你不带我的书,我就不会通过考试。

句中 could 的用法

在主要从句中,我们通常可以用 could + 不定词,来代替 would +不定词

If you wrote the book, you could give me a sign. 如果你写这本书,你可以给我一个签名。

要用 was 或 were?

在第二条件句中,我们可以用 if I/he/she/it were(较为正式)来代替 if I/he/she/it was。

If he were/was a good singer, he would win the contest. 如果他是/是一个好歌手,他会赢得比赛。

但是当我们用 if I were you这样的句型来表示给予某人建议时我们用 were(请注意,不是 was)。

If I were you, I would break up with him.
I wouldn’t go to that restaurant if I were you.

第一条件句 VS 第二条件句



If I don’t have a doctor’s appointment later in the afternoon, I’ll have to go shopping with you. (这是有可能的,也许我明天没有和医生挂到号,所以可以和你一起去逛街。)

If I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment later in the afternoon, I’d have shopped with you. (这是假设性的,因为我明天已经向医生挂号了,所以不可能和你一起去逛街。)

第二条件句 – 练习题

1. You wouldn't get a speeding ticket if you more slowly.

2. If he more experience, he'd work hard.

3. Where would you go if you a better place for vacation?

4. A lot of health problems could be prevented if people better.

5. If I had a mobile phone , I someone for help.

6. She would be relaxing at home if she by herself.

7. If you borrow money from me, you it back with interest.

8. If it didn't rain, I to school.

9. I'd call you even after 10 p.m. every day if my parents me to use my phone at night.

10. I wouldn't watch that movie if I you.





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