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I work in an office.He calls me every day.
You are funny.I like you a lot.
He lives in a house.Give it to him after class.
She has two daughters.I see her every day.
It is a nice car.Do you like it or not?
We speak Chinese.Can you take us with you?
You are often late.Can I visit you this summer?
They don’t watch TV.Speak to them. They’re nice.




I like your house. 我喜欢你的房子。
You are busy. 你很忙。
He is my cousin. 他是我的表弟。
It often breaks. 它经常坏。
She is on vacation. 她在度假。
We live in New York. 我们住在纽约。
They come from Spain. 他们来自西班牙。




Can you help me, please?  你能帮帮我吗?
I can see you. 我能看见你。
She doesn’t like him. 她不喜欢他。
I see her every Monday. 我每周一见到她。
We can see him, but he can’t see us. 我们可以看到他,但他看不到我们。



She is there for me. 她在那里等着我。
I’ll get it for you. 我会给你拿的。
Give it to him. 把它给他。
Can you listen to her?你能听她的吗?
Don’t take it from us. 不要从我们这里拿走。
I want to speak to them.  我想和他们谈谈。

主语代词 vs 宾语代词 – 练习题

1. What time should I meet ?

2.   never listens to  .

3. Do you like my new glasses?' 'Yes, love  .

4. Paul loves his rabbits. plays with   in the garden every day.

5. Please, call   soon;   am very worried.

6. Oh! It's Andy and Jessy. Can you invite ?

7. Tell John that   can meet at the canteen.

8. 8 I like your earrings. Can see  ?

9. There's a boy at your front door. Who is ?

10. That boy at the front door is Josh. I work on a project with .




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