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used to do 的用法


used to + 动词不定式可以用来表达在过去重复做的某件事。

When I lived downtown, I used to go dancing every Friday. 当我住在市中心的时候,我每个星期五都会去跳舞。
When I was a student, I used to read magazines every weekend. 当我还是学生的时候,我每周末看杂志。  


used to + 动词不定式可以用来表达过去的情境或状态(情态动词),但现在已经不再是真的。

He used to be timid as a child.  他小时候很胆小。
I used to play basketball when I was a student. 我在还是学生时会打篮球。 

used to 的否定和疑问的形式

used to 的否定形式为 didn’t use to,若是要表达疑问要用 did you use to。 used to 没有现在式的形式。

Did you use to go to play basketball as a student? 你以前学生时去打篮球吗?
I didn’t use to go swimming every summer. 我以前不是每年夏天都去游泳。

所以若是要表达现在的习惯或是现在重复的行为,可以用现在一般现在时加上 usually, normally, often 等。

I usually go dancing on Friday. 我星期五通常会去跳舞。

be used to 的用法

用 be used to something/doing something 代表你已经习惯某件事或是习惯做某件事。或许一开始这是一件新奇的,奇怪的、或是困难的事,但你已经做了一段时间所以不再感到新奇、奇怪或是困难。 be used to 是一个状态,所以 be 动词不能用进行式,通常会用一般式。

It is hard to control my breathing when I started swimming, but now I’m used to it. 刚开始游泳时很难控制呼吸,但现在我已经习惯了。
I’ve been living in Taipei for 1 year and I’m still not used to reading traditional characters. 来台北一年了,还是不习惯看繁体字。  

get used to 的用法

若是用 get used to something/doing something 代表你正在习惯某件事。 getting used to something是一个正在习惯某件事的过程。

I’ve just started my new job and I’m still getting used to working so late. 我已经开始我的新工作,但我还在习惯要工作到很晚。  
It might be difficult at first, but you’ll get used to running 5km every day. 一开始可能很困难。但是你将会习惯每天跑五公里。

used to do, be used to doing, get used to doing

used to 后面要加上动词不定式。 to 是不定式的一部分。

She used to dance when she was in school. 她在学校时经常跳舞。  

be used to 或 get used to 后面可以加上名词或 动词-ing。 to 后面若加上动词要是v-ing的形式的原因是因为 to 是介词,不是动词不定式的一部分。

I’m not used to this car. 我还没习惯这台车。 
I believe you’ll get used to playing with her. 我相信你会习惯跟她一起玩。

used to, be used to, get used to – 练习题

1. My brother is always speaking in English, that's why I also have speaking the language.

2. It took months for Anna to her new school after transferring to her 10th Grade.

3. My father working on the rice field because he grew up in the countryside.

4. She grew up in the city since birth. She to living in the village.

5. I'm new hire at work. I am sure I'll to this new working environment after a couple of weeks.

6. I have been here for a long time, but I still never the traffic.

7. He bought a new apartment in New York City. It will take him some time to the new living place.

8. When I was a teenager I dress up for Halloween, but not anymore.

9. When I was seven years old, I have ten dollars as my allowance, but now I am a teenager, it is fifty dollars.

10. After living in another country for a couple of years now, I can say that I the culture and language in this new hometown.




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