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感觉动词是描述五种感觉之一的动词:即跟“视觉”、“嗅觉”、“味觉”、“听觉”和“触觉”相关的动词。 look, smell, taste, sound 和 feel 等动词都是感官动词。


当我们用 look, smell, taste, sound 和 feel 等动词来谈论我们通过五官获得的印象时,它们都是非动作动词(静态动词),不能用进行式。它们的中文翻译刚好都有“……起来”的意思。

  • look: 看起来
  • smell:闻起来
  • taste:尝起来
  • sound:听起来
  • feel:摸起来、感觉起来

可以放动词 looksmelltastesound 和 feel 在形容词,名词和从句之前。  

look, smell, taste, sound, feel + 形容词

可以用 feel, smell, taste, sound, feel + 形容词 来表达对某件事的感受,滋味等。

When you use that perfume, you will smell nice. 当你使用那种香水时,你会闻起来很香。
When he approached us, he looked terrified. 当他走近我们时,他看起来很害怕。

look, smell, taste, sound, feel + like + 名词

也可以在名词之前放 feel, smell, taste, sound, feel + like。

She smells like a flower. 她闻起来像一朵花。
He looks like a puppy. 他看起来像一只小狗。

look, smell, taste, sound, feel + as if/as though + 子句

可以用 feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel + as if/as though + 从句 (主语 + 动词).

You sound as if you are avoiding someone in this class. 你听起来好像在回避这个班上的某个人。
You smell as though you’ve come from the heat of the sun. 你闻起来好像是从烈日中来的。

注意在非正式英文中我们常用 feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel + like + 从句。

You sound like you are avoiding someone in this class. 你听起来像是在回避这个班上的某个人。
You smell like you’ve come from the heat of the sun. 你闻起来像是从烈日来的。

英文中的感官动词 – 练习题

1. He nervous entering the creepy house.

2. Your skin you've been going to the dermatology.

3. She heard something that a gunshot.

4. This cake a real cat.

5. You very excited about your upcoming trip.

6. The cookies they had been baked by a professional chief.

7. The accident on the highway so scary that I couldn't even move my body.

8. The milkshake much better than the coffee.

9. Her voice she was about to cry.

10. The police they know the culprit.




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