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across、over 和 through 是英文中描述動作或位置“穿過”的常用介系詞,它們各有不同的用法和含義。


across 強調穿越某個表面或區域的行為。常用於談論穿越道路、河流、橋樑等場景。

Let’s go across the bridge 我們過橋吧。
He walked across the street. 他穿過街道。


over 常用來描述在…上方越過,與物體沒有接觸,或者從一邊越過到另一邊。與 across 相比,over 更強調在空間中的高度或在上方的位置。

The plane flew over the mountains. 飛機飛越了山脈。
Let’s go over the river. 我們過河吧。


through 用來描述從一端進入並從另一端離開,強調穿過某個物體或區域的內部。

We walked through the forest. 我們穿過了森林。
Let’s go through the tunnel. 讓我們穿過隧道吧。

across、over 和 through 的用法和區別 – 練習題

1. The cat jumped the fence.

2. We walked the bridge to get to the other side of the river.

3. The road goes the dense forest.

4. The airplane flew the clouds.

5. She drew a line the page.

6. We drove the long tunnel.

7. The children ran the playground.

8. He swam the river successfully.

9. Birds often fly large bodies of water during migration.




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