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“在辦公室”,到底是 in the office 還是 in office 呢? 我們來解釋下。

In the office

在“辦公室”,應該用 in the office。 它通常用來強調位於辦公室的具體位置。所以當我們想要表明某人現在正在辦公室或詢問某人是否在辦公室時,會使用 in the office。

“Is John in the office today?” “Yes, he’s working on the financial report.” “約翰今天在辦公室嗎?” “是的,他正在處理財務報告。”
I’ll be in the office until 6 PM if you need to discuss the project. 如果你需要討論項目,我會一直在辦公室到下午6點。

In office

in office 則用於描述某人擔任某個官方職位或公職的狀態,而不特指某個物理位置。

The president is now in office, focusing on healthcare reforms. 現任總統正在職位上,專注於健康保健改革。
She was in office from 2008 to 2012, during which she implemented several key policies.她從2008年到2012年任職期間,實施了幾項關鍵政策。

in the office 還是 in office – 練習題

1. He spends most of his day working on reports.

2. The mayor has accomplished a lot while .

3. You can find the document on the table .

4. Many policies have been introduced since she was .

5. I will be all day tomorrow for any meetings.

6. During his time , he focused on improving public education.




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