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在英文學習過程中,我們常常會遇到 eat、take 和 have 這三個動詞,它們都可以用來描述「吃」這個動作。但它們各有不同的用法和情境,了解這些差異對於精確表達非常重要。


eat 表示將食物放入嘴中、咀嚼並吞嚥的行為。它專注於吃這個動作本身。如 eat an apple。

I usually eat a sandwich for lunch. 我通常午餐吃三明治。
Did you eat your vegetables? 你吃蔬菜了嗎?


與 eat 不同,take 通常用於指服用藥物或特定的健康補充品。如 take some medicine。

You should take your medicine twice a day. 你應該一天服用你的藥物兩次。
My doctor advised me to take more vitamin C. 我的醫生建議我多服用維生素C。


have 則是一個更加通用的動詞,不僅可以用來表示吃食物,也用於描述服用藥物或健康補充品。當你不確定是用 eat 還是 take 時,可以選擇 have。所以我們也可以說 have an apple 或 have some medicine。 have 也常用於描述一日三餐, 如 have breakfast。

Let’s have dinner together tonight. 今晚我們一起吃晚餐吧。
Let’s have some ice cream. 我們吃點冰淇淋吧。
He’s having a sandwich for his lunch. 他的午餐是三明治。
You should have your medicine once a day. 你應該一天服用你的藥物一次。

eat、take 和 have – 練習題

1. Can you please your dinner before it gets cold?

2. It's important to your medicine on time every day.

3. I want to something light for lunch today.

4. She needs to her painkillers every four hours.

5. We can at the new Italian restaurant tonight.

6. You should your vitamin supplements with water.

7. He doesn't like to vegetables, but he needs them for his health.

8. They always a big breakfast on Sunday mornings.




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