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在掌握英文的精確表達上,了解不同介系詞短語的細微區別是非常重要的。特別是在描述位置時,如 in the corner 與 on the corner 這兩個看似相似但用法各異的短語,常常會給英語學習者帶來困惑。本文旨在清晰地闡述這兩個短語的不同之處,幫助讀者更準確地使用它們來描述物體的位置。

In the corner

In the corner 用來描述某物位於一個封閉空間(如房間、盒子等)的角落裡。當我們講到 in the corner 時,這個角落通常是由兩面相交的牆壁或邊界形成的。這個短語強調的是物體在一個內部空間的特定位置。

The lamp is in the corner of the room. 燈放在房間的角落裡。
He placed the toy in the corner of the box. 他把玩具放在盒子的一角。

On the corner

相比之下, on the corner 通常用來描述某物位於外部空間(如街道、廣場等)的轉角或交叉點上。這裡的 corner 是指街道或道路交會的角落。類似於我們說“在街上”用  on the street 表達, on the corner 強調的是位於戶外的特定地理位置。

The coffee shop is on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Avenue. 咖啡店位於主街和第二大道的轉角處。
There is a mailbox on the corner near my house.在我家附近的街角有一個郵筒。

in the corner 和 on the corner – 練習題

1. The plant is placed of the living room.

2. You will find the bus stop of the street.

3. I left my bag of the classroom.

4. There's a nice little café of our block.

5. The cat likes to sleep under the stairs.

6. They're building a new library of Park Avenue.

7. He put the lamp of his office.

8. You can see the statue standing of the main square.

9. She found her keys lying of the sofa.

10. The grocery store is located of Maple and 5th Street.




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