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On the Floor

on the floor 指的是某物位於室內的地上或地板上。這個表達通常用於描述房屋、辦公室、商店等室內環境中的地上。

The book is lying on the floor next to the bed. 書放在床邊的地上。
Please don’t leave your clothes on the floor. 請不要把你的衣服丟在地上。

On the Ground

相比之下,on the ground 指的是某物位於地面或地球表面上。這個表達通常用於室外環境,如公園、街道、田野等。

There are many leaves on the ground in autumn. 秋天地面上有很多落葉。
The children were playing on the ground outside. 孩子們在外面地面上玩耍。

on the floor 和 on the ground – 練習題

1. The cat is sleeping in the living room.

2. After the picnic, they left trash .

3. I dropped my pen, and now it's rolling under my desk.

4. You can see the shadow of the tree outside.

5. He spilled coffee in the kitchen.

6. They sat around the campfire.

7. The kids were playing with toys of their bedroom.

8. During the hike, they found a bird's feather .

9. She placed the yoga mat for her morning exercise.

10. There were footprints after the rain.




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