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英文中有關“穿戴”的,我們常會用到 put on 和 wear。它們很容易被用錯,該如何區分呢?

Put on – 穿的動作過程

put on 用來描述穿上或戴上衣物、鞋子、帽子、手套等的動作。put on 強調的是穿著行為的過程。

I put on my coat before I left the house. 我在離開房子前穿上了外套。
She puts on her glasses to read the newspaper. 她戴上眼鏡來閱讀報紙。

與 put on 相對的是 put off (脫掉)。

Take off your socks and shoes. 脫掉你的襪子和鞋子。

Wear – 穿上的狀態

wear 用來描述已經穿戴在身上的衣物或配飾。它強調的是穿戴的狀態,而不是穿戴的行為過程。

He always wears a hat when he goes outside. 他外出時總是戴帽子。
She is wearing her favorite dress today. 她今天穿著她最喜歡的連衣裙。

put on 和 wear – 練習題

1. She decided to her new shoes for the party.

2. Every day he a suit to work.

3. Before going out in the sun, you should sunscreen.

4. For her wedding, she will a beautiful gown.

5. He his glasses only when he needs to read.

6. She loves to jewelry to accessorize her outfits.

7. I always comfortable shoes when I go hiking.




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