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单数形式的 effort 可用于表达单个或集体的努力,而复数形式的 efforts 则用来强调多个个体的各自努力。


effort 用作单数时,可以指一个人的努力,或者是多人共同的努力。 effort 在这种用法下,着重于达成某一目标所做出的整体或集中性质的努力。

The success of the project was due to a collaborative effort. 该项目的成功是由于共同的努力。
His effort to improve his skills was evident. 他提高技能的努力是显而易见的。

effort 也可以用于广义上的努力。

It takes a lot of effort to learn a language. 学习一门语言需要很大的努力。


相比之下,当使用 efforts 这个复数形式时,它特指不同个体各自的努力,强调的是个别和独立的努力。每一次努力都被看作是独立且具体的,并非指向共同或协作的努力。

The team’s efforts were individually remarkable. 团队成员的努力各自都很出色。
Various efforts by different organizations contributed to the cause. 不同组织的各自努力对这一事业作出了贡献。

effort 和 efforts – 练习题

1. His to learn a new language were admirable.

2. Different organizations made various to support the community.

3. Multiple by individual team members led to the project's completion.

4. It will require a significant to overcome these challenges.

5. The campaign relied on the of many volunteers.

6. His personal in training were noticeable.




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