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for 和 ago 都可以用來表示時間,但用法不同。 ago 指的是過去的一個時間點,而 for 用於談論一個動作的持續時間。

Marry lives in Singapore. She has lived there for 8 years. 瑪麗住在新加坡。 她在那裡住了8年。
Lily used to live in Hongkong. She lived in Hongkong 12 years ago. She lived there for 3 years. 莉莉以前住在香港。 她12年前住在香港。 她在那裡住了 3 年。

ago 的用法

ago 與一個時間點一起使用,例如 5 minutes, 2 weeks, 10 years 等。

Amy lived in Hongkong 12 years ago. 艾米 12 年前住在香港。
It feels like a long time ago that she lived there. 感覺很久以前她就住在那裡。

我們在過去簡單式中使用 ago,而不能在現在完成式用

She has lived in Hongkong 12 years ago.(錯誤)
She lived in Hongkong 10 years ago.(正確)

for 的用法

for 是時間介系詞,表示動作的持續時間,回答多久“how long”的問題。 我們不用 for 搭配固定時間點,只用於時間段,例如5 days, 3 weeks, 6 years 等。

She lived in Berlin for 8 months. 她在柏林 8 個月了。

for 幾乎可以用於所有時態,並且經常與現在完成式連用。

Now she lives in London. She has lived there for 10 years. 現在她住在倫敦。 她在那裡住了10年。
Every winter, he goes to Beijing for a month to visit her friends. 每年冬天,他都會去北京待一個月,看望她的朋友。

擴展:since vs for

for 和 ago – 練習題

1. I arrived 15 minutes .

2. She has lived there 20 years.

3. Marinella and Rosie have been gone a long time.

4. We met a few days .

5. She has been waiting here a long time.

6. Nancy moved to Detroit 15 years .

7. I went on holiday 10 days.

8. We went to a restaurant a few days .

9. They finished studying two months .

10. They had been travelling hours in the cold.




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