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go out 和 go outside 這兩個說法在英文裡有什麼不一樣嗎?是不是都是“出去”的意思。實際上,他們的用法是不一樣的。

Go out

go out 是一個非常通用的短語,指離開家或當前所在的地方去參加社交活動、工作、娛樂等。它不僅限於物理上的外出,還包括出去享受娛樂或社交的意味。

We like to go out for dinner every Friday. 我們喜歡每週五外出吃晚餐。
Are you going out tonight? 你今晚要出去嗎?

Go outside

相比之下,go outside 更具體地指離開室內空間到戶外。它強調的是從室內環境移動到戶外的物理行為, go outside 經常用於強調與自然的互動或進行戶外運動。

It’s such a nice day; let’s go outside and enjoy the sun. 今天天氣很好;讓我們出去享受陽光吧。
The teacher asked the students to go outside for a class activity. 老師要求學生外出進行課堂活動。

go out 和 go outside – 練習題

1. It's a beautiful day; do you want to and play in the park?

2. She doesn't much since she prefers staying at home reading.

3. Every weekend they to their favorite nightclub.

4. If you want fresh air, just for a few minutes.

5. Are you planning to with friends this Saturday night?

6. The fire alarm rang, and everyone had to .

7. He loves to and explore new restaurants in the city.

8. During the break, the students are allowed to and play.

9. For her birthday, they decided to and celebrate at a fancy place.

10. When it's raining, it's not pleasant to .




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